Configure networking in VMware Deployments

When installing an AppSec Gateway in a VMware deployment, after initial installation, an administrator might require networking changes.

Browsing to the networking administration portal of the AppSec Gateway

Using a browser from a machine with access to the AppSec gateway, browse to: https://<appsec_gw_address>:30443
At first login, use the username 'admin' and the password that was set up during initial deployment. Afterwards you may have configured additional users and/or changed passwords.

Networking Configuration Options

The browser will now show the administration portal following your login credentials as you set them during the OVF deployment.

Network Interfaces

Additional network interfaces can be configured here:

Hosts and DNS

DNS configuration including additional DNS servers on top of the primary address can be configured here:

Routing Configuration

Additional routes or changes to the default route can be configured here:

Time Configuration

The time zone configuration and any changes between automatic NTP-based time configuration to manual can be configured here: